Meet the makers

Broth Sisters

Meet sisters Linda and Jane, the two passionate and health conscious foodies behind The Broth Sisters. They’re on a mission to “create real food for the health and taste conscious”. The sisters grew up on a farm in northern NSW. Their family had a farm-to-table approach, enjoying fresh fruit, vegetables, eggs, dairy and meat grown and harvested on the farm. Leaving home to pursue their dreams, Linda pursued a career as a flight attendant in Dubai, while Jane moved to Sydney to complete a uni degree and embark on a corporate career. Linda says, “The idea for the business came in 2015 when my first child was one year old and my sister Jane suggested I start selling broth. In my previous life as an air hostess I had studied with the Institute of Integrated Nutrition in New York and learnt a lot about the benefits of bone broths to assist with the pre and postnatal care of mothers and babies, so I had been making and consuming bone broth throughout my own pregnancy journey. Jane could see the bone broth trend going off overseas and with a gap in the market here, thought it would be a great opportunity to get ahead of the curve.” So together the sisters embarked on a journey to share their papa’s broth, establishing a business to provide premium, artisanal broth to health clients in their local communities. Now, the friendly, knowledgeable sisters have a range of products including vegetable stock and brewable broth bags. They’re committed to supporting people in their health goals. Linda also encourages budding food makers to follow their dreams - “You have all these things that you’re feeling fearful about when you first start your business but once you get going, you realise it’s much less daunting than what you think.“ You’ll find a list of stockists as well as The Broth Sisters’ farmers market schedule at Check them out.