Meet the makers

Charlie and the Carob Tree

Meet Lisa, the heart and soul behind Charlie and the Carob Tree. For a long time, Lisa has been focused on the ingredients in food. Not only is Lisa nutrition-conscious, but between herself, her husband and two beautiful children, their family has allergies to over 50 – yes, you read it right FIFTY – different foods. Then, in 2007, Lisa was diagnosed with breast cancer. The chemo developed more intolerances and sensitivities to food chemicals… and chocolate sadly fell onto the list of things she was unable to eat. Missing her hot chocolate fix, Lisa and her husband started experimenting with carob, adding different ingredients until they reached the perfect blend – which Lisa now shares with the world through Charlie and the Carob Tree. Lisa says, “Having ‘Charlie’ as an alternative to cocoa in hot or cold chocolates is not the only way to use it! Sprinkled on ice cream, mixed with frothed milk using the coffee machine and substituting it for cocoa in baking ensures that even the yummiest of foods can now be healthy too.” As the success of the blend grew, Lisa developed the blend into ‘chocolate’ – starting with buttons. Fast forward 18 months and Charlie Chocolate was flying out the door – so they expanded the range to include polka dots (small and cookie-sized!), Charlie bars, and the newest addition – Charlie ducks! We love that Charlie and the Carob Tree gives people with food intolerances or preferences a chocolate option - they’re vegan, and dairy-, nut-, gluten-, and sugar-free! It’s also manufactured in the Yarra Valley, with the carob sourced from an orchard in South Australia. We’d love for you to visit their website - - to buy online, or find your nearest stockist, or follow @charlieandthecarobtree on Instagram.