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Cooking with Koji

Yoko from Cooking with Koji brings her deep expertise in traditional Japanese fermentation and home-style cooking to life through her yummy miso products and cooking classes.

Not many people know, but making miso takes quite a lot of time, and it's very labour-intensive — it takes at least a year to ferment — and it's well worth the wait for Yoko's miso! All Cooking with Koji fermented products are made with Australian organic ingredients in the traditional Japanese style, packed in glass jars, and shipped in eco packaging. They are all living products (unpasteurised), full of active enzymes and microbes to promote excellent gut health.

Yoko was featured on last year's MasterChef for her miso, based on a century-old recipe. Her products are even used in one of Melbourne's top sushi bars and sold in Victoria's farmers' markets.

Yoko tells us, "Starting a food business wasn't actually what I planned or designed — it just happened through requests. Making foods, preserves or fermented food is my life. It's what I do to eat. So I continued to do this when I moved to Australia, and people wanted to try what I was cooking and also asked how I make it."

While Yoko couldn't run her cooking workshops last year, she's excited that they're starting up again soon, so keep an eye out for classes as they book out fast! Yoko, who recently moved to Malmsbury, said, "I think people will enjoy coming to this beautiful place, not too far from Melbourne. They can relax, cook and eat delicious food with me. It's a beautiful way to spend a weekend."

Yoko also loves to garden, makes her own stamps and signs, and mends broken pottery dishes using kintsugi, the Japanese art of fixing broken pottery. Check our her website for the latest  events and products at



Malmsbury, VIC




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