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Dja Wonmuruk

Meet Sharlee Dunolly-Lee, the proud Dja Dja Wurrung woman behind Dja Wonmuruk. We not only love the flavours that Sharlee has developed, but also the story of how Dja Wonmuruk (or 'Yes Tea'!) came to be.

After a chance meeting at an Indigenous bush tucker workshop in Castlemaine, Sharlee was asked to create some artwork for tea canisters for Masons of Bendigo. Naturally, tea canisters need tea to go in them, and the idea for Dja Wonmuruk was born in collaboration with local elder (and leader of the bush tucker course) Aunty Julie McHale. Aunty Julie and Sharlee began experimenting with native blends in teas until they came up with the unique flavours of Wattleseed & Aniseed Myrtle, Strawberry Gum & Lemon Myrtle, and Mountain Pepper Spicy Chai wonmuruks.

We're so impressed with how quickly Sharlee and Aunty Julie brought the idea to reality - the entrepreneurship was conceptualised in early 2019, and Dja-Wonmuruk products officially launched at the Harcourt Apple Fest in March 2020. 19-year-old Sharlee went from a year 12 student to a businesswoman, launching her career and connecting her with her culture and heritage.

We recently tried all the wonmuruk flavours. We loved the beautiful balance of indigenous ingredients and organic teas. The green tea is grounding, slightly bitter and yet sweet with strawberry gum and lemon myrtle, and the Wattleseed & Aniseed Myrtle black tea is so good for an afternoon pick me up. Our founder, Sherona, even said the Mountain Pepper Spicy Chai is one of the best she's ever tried!

You can buy all three flavours of loose-leaf tea in a variety of sizes directly from the @dja.wonmuruk Instagram shop or from their website at, and they ship Australia-wide.






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