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Husk and Harvest

You can't help but be wowed by Hilary Jankelson's walnut roulade, based on a recipe from her French grandmother.

"My grandma used to serve this roulade to us with cheese. Sometimes she'd cut it into thin rounds and eat it by itself, or we'd have it with a strawberry on top as kids for an extra special treat."

We can let you know we've tried Husk and Harvest's roulade all these ways, and it certainly doesn't disappoint!

Hilary knows what she's doing when it comes to food (and obviously, her grandma did too)! You see, Hilary doesn't only make the roulade. There's also award-winning cold-pressed walnut oil, cardamom walnut flour biscuits, innovative flavoured walnut kernels, as well as good old fashioned walnuts in their shell.

Nothing goes to waste with the way that Hilary runs the farm and the kitchen. The walnuts are cold-pressed, producing a less bitter oil than other extraction methods and also allows the flour to be harvested. This leaves the kernels intact for different products.

Previously a physiotherapist, Hilary and her husband Mark purchased a sheep farm 20 years ago and converted it into a successful walnut farm in Central Victoria. She was the main instigator and managed the entire business solo for the first 13 years while her husband continued his corporate career.

Both Hilary and Mark run the farm together now. However, Hilary is still the head chef, innovator and retailer for the business. You can find Husk and Harvest at the Woodend, Kyneton markets, and you can find their products and stockists online at



Near Lake Epiloch, VIC



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