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Meet Indigiearth founder Sharon Winsor, a Ngemba Weilwan woman from Western NSW with a deep passion for connecting people with Aboriginal culture and heritage through native foods.

Growing up, Sharon loved to collect, prepare and eat bush fruits and yabbies. This keen interest and knowledge saw her gravitate towards catering in the 90s, and she began sharing food packed with native flavours with the people of Western Sydney.

Alongside catering and raising two children, Sharon created a line of native food products that she hoped to share with the broader public, and in 2012, Indigiearth was born. Fast forward to now, and Sharon has won multiple awards, and her product line has expanded beyond food products to include skincare, essential oils, tea and coffee!

100% Aboriginal owned and run, Sharon emphasises Indigiearth’s need for responsible sourcing. Where possible, native fruits, seeds and plants are bought directly from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities throughout Australia, lifting others as she grows and supporting wild harvesting and production enterprises.

She says “Indigiearth is more than just business. It’s my healing, my passion and runs deep within my soul.”

Saltbush dukkah, bush tomato chutney and wattleseed-infused coffee are just some of the exciting flavours on offer – visit for the full range.



Mudgee, NSW



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