Meet the makers

Jala Jala Treats

Meet Sharon Brindley, the passionate, energetic, thoughtful human behind Jala Jala Treats. Sharon is a proud Yamatji/Noongar woman with a passion for food and bringing Indigenous ingredients into everyday cooking. We love the Jala Jala Treats chocolates and the love that Sharon puts into making them.

"I wanted to cook like my Nan. I idolised her. She could cook up anything that she found in the ground and it would be delicious. I always wanted to be a chef or a cook and to own my own business. It was only five years ago though that I opened my first food business Cooee cafe - the only Indigenous café in the Mornington Peninsula.

I always knew that I wanted to start Jala Jala Treats but I've been focussing on the cafe. I had the name registered and knew what I wanted to make. The turtle on the packaging is my totem and Jala Jala means 'very good' in my language. In everything I do, I want to be showcasing our culture and our ingredients.

After the cafe lost all its catering jobs due to the pandemic, we didn't know if we'd have to shut. After a few weeks, I decided this was the time and developed the two chocolates that are out now: white chocolate with Davidson plum and white chocolate with lemon myrtle.

It was so important to me to have 100% Aboriginal owned on the packaging, to tell every Aboriginal child they can do anything they put their mind to. I'm so proud of what I've achieved so far and know that my Mum and Nan, and Aunties and cousins would all be so proud too. The next thing we want to focus on is a dark chocolate that is a bit healthier, so that we can take it out to the community."

You can buy the delicious Jala Jala Treats chocolates at  – shipping Australia-wide! Or why not visit Cooee cafe if you're around the Mornington Peninsula



Capel Sound, VIC