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Oromo Coffee

Meet self-proclaimed coffee addict, social entrepreneur and founder of Oromo Coffee Co, Faarah Nur.

"I would honestly like to say that I chose a career in coffee, but that wouldn't be the whole truth. Coffee has been a consistent theme in my life since I was a child, as I started to roast, brew, and drink fresh coffee at home with my mother at the age of six. Since then, there hasn't been a single day in my life where I haven't either bought, brewed, consumed, sold or marketed coffee in some way over the last three decades."

Oromo Coffee Co pays homage to Faarah's heritage and celebrates both the continent of Africa and its growers through coffee beans, exclusively sourced from countries in Africa.

"I am African, and I am proud of what we produce and, more importantly, the coffee from Africa; there's nothing better!"

Faarah is particularly passionate about showcasing Africa's impassioned smallholder farmers and producers. They take pride in what they're doing and create premium quality products as a result.

"After working for some of the biggest coffee companies in the world (Nespresso & Lavazza), I received the best possible education about the entire coffee production and distribution process - from 'farm to cup'. My love for coffee grew stronger (which I didn't think was possible). However, what also sadly started to grow was my awareness of how 'whitewashed' the coffee industry was. The people who benefitted from the sale and distribution of coffee looked significantly less 'like me' than the incredible humans who farm and grow the coffee. Which was something I could no longer accept."

Faarah's passion for his African roots, coffee, his work, and the planet oozes out of him. It's contagious, and he puts his money where his mouth is, literally! In addition to showcasing origin coffees and celebrating and supporting African coffee growers, Oromo Coffee is a '1% for the planet' member: a network of businesses committed to making the world a better place. He donates 1% of Oromo Coffee's gross sales to improve the communities where he sources his coffee.

We are huge fans of Faarah's work and passion here at Humble Sampler! You can purchase their delicious coffees on their website at



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