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Pink Muesli

Since the mid-80s, Marita Valenzuela has made her own healthy granola and homemade yoghurt from locally sourced ingredients. With a passion for healthy eating, Marita became known as the 'the granola lady' when she was in graduate school in Manila, and her homemade granola was a staple in her house and was also made as gifts for family and friends.

Marita moved to Australia in 2006 and a few years later was diagnosed with high blood pressure. The medication she was prescribed had bad side effects, so she started eating and drinking beetroot products daily to help improve her blood flow. After six months, with nothing else changed in her lifestyle, Marita's blood tests showed normal levels! It was then when she decided to create something with this wonder food. The more she learned about the health benefits of beetroot, the more determined she became to develop a product that would appeal to the general public so more people could benefit from it. After a year or so of experimenting, Pink Muesli was born. The crunch of granola and the rawness of muesli. With a vision to create 'a healthy world nourished by natural, delicious, whole foods' Marita introduced it at farmers markets in early 2015 and the business has grown since then purely by word-of-mouth. In July 2016 Pink Muesli was awarded a silver medal by the Australian Food Awards, then in 2017 another silver medal and in 2019 a gold!! How thrilling for a tiny business--validation as a high quality product! Then in 2020 Pink Muesli was awarded "Best Organic Muesli" by prestigious UK-based Lux Life Magazine!

There are now not just one, but SEVEN delicious flavours of Pink Muesli available. When we tasted the samples, we were blown away by the different taste profiles and textures that Marita has developed. The team from Pink Muesli can often be found at Farmers' Markets on weekends, from Gasworks to Bendigo and anywhere in between. You can pick up some delicious Pink Muesli online or in-person – visit to find out more or get your hands on one of our hampers featuring Marita's products!



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