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Poppy Smack

Tran and Hanh, the energetic sisters behind Poppy Smack. The ‘lip-smacking’ sauces are also gluten-free and vegan and great for anyone who likes delicious, fresh meals that can be made quickly.

Tran and Hanh say their origins helped shape their food and its flavour. The sisters were born in Vietnam to Chinese-born parents, so their meals were influenced by both cultures. Vietnamese cuisine is quite fresh with lots of salads and herbs, whereas Chinese foods are richer with more cooking involved, like stir-fries. Their sphere of influence has grown as they have; Tran married a Malaysian man who introduced more flavours to her repertoire. They also have a Thai sister-in-law who makes a delicious Sambal!

Poppy Smack’s following has grown through attending markets and in-store tastings. This proved challenging through COVID, so the enterprising sisters used their Facebook page to connect with their customers. They introduced cooking classes, shared recipes and even held Zoom dinner collaborations with other food makers! They were even ‘lucky’ enough to win a competition with AAMI, and were featured in an advert!

Both Tran and Hanh left their corporate jobs a few years ago to pursue their passion for food and share their knowledge with other women. For food makers starting out, Hanh recommends testing your products at markets. You can get lots of feedback, ideas and suggestions, plus there’s such an invaluable camaraderie with other stallholders. However, Hanh recommends you use markets to encourage customers to shop online.

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Doncaster and Warrandyte, VIC



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