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Saori Japanese Sauces

Saori Kojima is a talented and creative food maker who launched @saori_japanese_sauce in 2013 with a vision to bring quality, authentic Japanese ingredients and traditional Japanese cooking to Australia.

When Saori first moved to Melbourne from Hokkaido in 2011, she was delighted to discover the incredible array of fresh produce and ingredients available but found it difficult to find authentic Japanese sauces and condiments that were not overly processed and full of unnecessary additives and flavour enhancers. Since she was used to preparing food from scratch, Saori began making traditionally prepared sauces for her own enjoyment. At first, she simply wanted to recreate the flavours of home to share with family and friends, and her hobby soon flourished into an award-winning business. And we can definitely say they’re well worth the accolades!

Having studied Health Science at University in Sapporo, Hokkaido, Saori combines her knowledge of nutrition and traditional Japanese cooking — particularly fermentation — to produce sauces, condiments, and seasonings of exceptional quality and flavour. Saori has developed many tasty products – think Yuzu Spice and citrus-infused soy sauce, readymade curries, chilli sauces and broths. Her products use a combination of fresh ingredients from Australia and high-quality Japanese ingredients such as fermented Japanese soya sauce and pure, first-grade kelp from Hokkaido. Saori has also expanded the business to offer Japanese cooking classes both in-person (Melbourne based) and on Zoom!

You can follow Saori at @saori_japanese_sauce or check out to find out how you can order some delicious sauces and spices to try for yourself! Or book in for a cooking class and absorb some of her magic.



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