Meet the makers


Meet Bonnie Halliday and Cade Butler – the couple behind the small-batch business, SMALT. It's been almost ten years since Bonnie and Cade launched SMALT, and through that time, the pair have developed a line of locally sourced treats with a strong emphasis on cold smoking.

Bonnie and Cade have always enjoyed experimenting in the kitchen, with Cade making his own beer, preserves and passatas in the past. This curiosity ultimately led the pair to create SMALT, beginning with their version of a cold smoked salt.

"Cade and I love to cold smoke all sorts of food, and we particularly love smoked salt. We use it as a condiment and as an ingredient in our daily meals. Finding a store that stocked locally smoked salt was becoming a tricky task. I guess that was the fuel behind the idea of us smoking our own – so we would never run out again!"

The slow, intentional smoking process, which takes about 10 hours per batch, reflects the care that goes into each of SMALT's creations. This thoughtfulness can be seen throughout their business, from the environmental packaging they wrap each product to the local makers they collaborate with.

"We have collaborated with many talented local producers to merge SMALT with their goods. Our collaborations include gelato, craft beer, cannoli, honey and even smoky gourmet Easter eggs!"

Whilst their initial specialty was salt, they've now added smoked maple syrup, smoked BBQ spice rub, smoked peanut butter and a (non-smoked) range of fudge to their repertoire — YUM.

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