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Taka Gin Co

Proud Aboriginal woman Niyoka Bundle and her husband, Manx man, Vincent Manning are the entrepreneurial duo behind Taka Gin Co – a Naarm (Melbourne)-based, Indigenous owned gin label that was born and launched during lockdown! This is not their first rodeo – the pair also started the successful Indigenous-fusion catering company, Pawa Catering in 2019.

Taka (or ‘taste’ in Southwest Victorian, Gunditjmara language) Gin Co could perhaps best be described as a passion project, borne both out of a desire to try something new and to continue to champion First Nations people’s native foods.

Niyoka says “We talked about so many ideas, inventions, possibilities and one we kept coming back to, was a food product that would feature native ingredients. We talked about wine, chocolate, cheese, iced tea, until we came to gin and decided that would be a great venture to showcase indigenous ingredients”.

The first of its kind (due to it being majority female and Indigenous owned), the gin is infused with First Nations' native ingredients, sourced from Indigenous wild harvesters such as Natif Super Foods and Warndu. The label, alongside Pawa Catering, clearly showcases Niyoka’s intent to amplify both knowledge and awareness of native foods and to increase First Nations peoples' equity and participation in the native food industry.

As for the gin itself, Niyoka and Vincent uncovered the ultimate ingredient combination during an extensive research and development phase – a blend of juniper, coriander, angelica root, cassia, finger lime, orris root, desert lime and with lemon-scented gum leaf and native lemongrass as the stars. Smooth, with subtle notes of lemon, we say it is perfectly paired with a tonic for the sunnier months (and picnics) ahead!

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