Meet the makers

The Bakery Lab

Introducing Martine Ah Heng, the multi-talented founder of The Bakery Lab, producers of flavour-filled, savoury crackers. These crackers are made with teff: an ancient gluten-free grain originating in Ethiopia and now grown in Australia and all over the world — as well as the finest Australian native ingredients.

Martine created The Bakery Lab in 2018. Having trained as a pastry chef, Martine was always interested in food and knew she wanted to create something of her own. Her desire to find wholesome, tasty crackers led her to launch a savoury range of her own. When she migrated to Australia ten years ago to pursue her foodie dream, she was introduced to a new world of native ingredients. Now, Martine is passionate about bringing Australian flavours to the world. For Martine, it's her way of giving back and saying thank you to Australia for so warmly welcoming her as a migrant. The four unique cracker flavours are made with nutrient-filled teff, seeds and each features a native ingredient, including saltbush, wattleseed, native basil, and native thyme.

The Bakery Lab also proudly supports Australian farmers and producers. The products are made from 90% Australian-sourced ingredients, with the native ingredients sourced from Aboriginal-owned businesses.

But Martine's skills and commitment to giving back doesn't stop there. Martine is a social worker, and she teaches cooking to share her skills even further.

We actually have a secret collaboration in the works with The Bakery Lab – and we can't wait to tell you all about it very soon! But in the meantime, we'd love for you to follow them on Instagram, visit their website to purchase or find out which market they'll be popping up at soon.



Clayton-ish, VIC