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The Original Smoke and Spice Co

Meet Elisha Hudson, of The Original Smoke and Spice Company Australia. "Our cute little business actually started in New Zealand 30 plus years ago, by my cousin Marcus Peters. I brought the smoked salt to Sydney in 2011 and launched The Original Smoke and Spice Company Australia. Since then I have been trading at local farmers markets all over NSW and interstate at many Food and Wine events."

"I have always been very creative, coming from a family of artists in NZ, so it was very easy for me to step into the role of smoking beautiful products. I grew up fishing with my family and we always smoked trout and snapper, mussels; it was a way of life in NZ."

The Original Smoke and Spice Company Australia sells a range of smoked salts and nibbles plus delicious dried oranges and lemons to add a touch of spice and much flavour to any cocktail. As for many independent, small scale food businesses, the current Covid-19 pandemic has been difficult.

"With this latest lockdown we have been so lucky to have had an established online business already. And a great following of regular customers who put a roof over our heads during last year's first COVID lockdown, so we are very blessed indeed."

"Many wonderful small businesses have reached out over the past few months to buy our products, as life has changed so much . It's so much about online shopping more than ever before." Elisha married her husband from Turkey in 2020 and are both working on more exciting products to add to their range.



Bexley, NSW



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