Humble Sampler in Third Sector News

Humble Sampler in Third Sector News

Earlier in March, we had the opportunity to weigh in on a new initiative by the New South Wales government to conduct a Women’s Economic Opportunities Review. Having seen many activities falling short of delivering the type of analysis that is needed for impactful policy making, I was keen to highlight some of the areas that have the potential to really contribute to positive and sustainable change.

We are so grateful for being featured in Third Sector News talking about this topic that is close to our hearts, our lives and our work. We are passionate about unlocking the potential of women and this is such a timely opportunity that could have an impact on many of the women food entrepreneurs that we work with.

Understanding the diversity in the field of women entrepreneurs, the barriers that are faced by women in general and also by women that face intersectionalities is a huge gap. So we hope this review starts shedding light on this, so that we can see policies that truly lead to reducing the income gap, facilitating economic empowerment and celebrating the contributions of all women to the Australian economy and society.

We love the work that Third Sector News does giving voice and advocating for the Social Sector and we are so proud to be part of this platform. Do sign up to their news, and you can read our full piece here.

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