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Small but mighty, just like the businesses we support.

Small but mighty, just like the businesses we support.

We had a hectic end to 2021 and we’re sure you did too - what a year! It was our first year of selling our new look hampers, with hundreds flying out the door in a very short period. We’re so grateful for all of your support. Whether you purchased one of our ethical hampers, told a friend about us, or simply read one of our newsletters, each and every little bit counts and goes towards creating a rich and vibrant food maker scene in Australia. 

Your support enabled us to:

  • Purchase products from 27 small-scale food entrepreneurs that are underrepresented in the food industry bringing $21,700 in revenue to their businesses during October to December 2021, with 27% of this income going directly to Aboriginal owned businesses. This was no small feat, considering what a tough year it was for the food and beverage industry. 
  • Raise the visibility and profile of women food makers, particularly from First Nations and migrant and refugee backgrounds. We had Clementine Ford sharing her hamper on Instagram, people loving products so much they purchased direct from food makers and have had features in the media spreading the love of small-scale makers and the love they put into their products.
  • Provide direct support to food businesses which resulted in food businesses increasing their profit margins, food makers gaining access to support they wouldn’t otherwise have and be linked to services and suppliers to increase their networks and gain professional assistance. 

This year we’re working to increase the visibility, revenue and business acumen of the food makers we work with, along with better understanding the structural barriers food makers face, particularly those from marginalised backgrounds. 

We’re small and mighty, but can’t achieve what we want to achieve without your support. We look forward to continuing this journey with you!