What does buying ethical corporate gifts mean for you and your business?

What does buying ethical corporate gifts mean for you and your business?

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When thinking about the term ethical particularly in relation to corporate gifting, we’re talking about wanting to have a positive social or environmental impact. That is, to not cause harm at the very least.

When I first started trying to shop ethically, I would research how the product was made. How the people that made the product were paid and treated. What if any environmental considerations were made in terms of the packaging or processes? And then finally, I would research where the profits of that company were going – were some or all of it going into additional social and environmental projects? 

Thankfully, there’s a lot more information online to assist with ethical purchases. There are, however, lots of companies saying they’re working towards environmental and social impact, trying to jump in on consumer interest for this ‘trend.’ 

So how then do you know a business is actually walking the talk/ethical? This is where looking into a company’s values, the way they speak online -  whether they talk about how they treat their suppliers or employees, and what actions are they taking to ensure their policies and practices are working towards a positive social and environmental impact is important.

Here at Humble Sampler, we pride ourselves on how we work towards the Triple Bottom Line. That is, how we contribute towards environmental health, social wellbeing and a just economy.

When purchasing one of our gift hampers, you know that the food entrepreneur that has lovingly created and made their food products is paid the price that they ask for their goods, upfront and not on consignment. You know that the packaging we use has been researched and recommended by a Sustainable Packaging Consultant (thank you AWEN Consulting!) to ensure that every element can be reused, recycled or composted. And you know that any profits we make will be reinvested to provide support and assistance to the new and emerging food makers within our network.

For you to be able to give a gift that you can feel proud of, for its contents, aesthetic and the impact it will create, is what we strive towards. This is what giving an ethical corporate gift can mean to you and your business: confidence that the gift you’re giving makes the world that little bit better.  

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