We believe in human-first food businesses


We work with councils and institutions to uncover and lower the barriers preventing people from starting or growing successful food businesses, especially food makers from diverse socio-economic, cultural or ethnic backgrounds.

These food makers may be from historically excluded and intersecting backgrounds, including First Nations peoples, women and gender-diverse people, people from migrant, refugees & asylum seeker backgrounds, and people living with disability.

Barriers to entry into food businesses

Everything we do has a human-first focus. Existing incubators, commercial kitchens and organisations aimed at promoting small-scale food businesses often only look at the business, not the human and the structural barriers that give preference to some businesses over others, making it possible for only some of them to succeed. 

These barriers may include:

Complex regulations and processes

Access to commercial kitchen spaces

High startup costs/lack of access to capital

Language barriers

Fear of authority

A lack of confidence and business skills

Prejudice and stereotypes 

Four smiling women of diverse background in work attire sit around a white table in a conference room, part of a larger meeting. There is an open laptop on the desk, notebooks and pens, in the background, frosted glass windows.

Working together

Humble Sampler advisory, and you

• Consulting

• Advisory

• Co-design

We want to help you understand the barriers for those wanting to start or grow a food business so that we can get more people earning a livelihood and sharing their skills and knowledge in your Local Government Area or community. 

As a strategic, values-driven organisation that seeks to work in partnership with all of our stakeholders, we want to promote social justice in a positive and collaborative way.

With your help, we believe this approach will lead to more sustainable solutions for underrepresented food makers. Let’s talk about how we can work together.