Food Makers

Are you a food maker who’s new to business? Or looking to take your business to the next level?

Our New Business Checklist can assist you to assess where your business is at, and provide opportunities that might further grow your business.

Food Makers

What’s in the checklist you ask?

We understand that a food business is different from just any old business, so we look at Operations taking into consideration food business specific activities, Marketing and Finance to name just a few.

We designed the New Business Checklist to assist food makers just like you, to ensure that they knew the ins and outs of what to focus on, or to congratulate themselves on ticking off.

Food Makers

Your Checklist

Testimonial from a founding member

Fern Ho (she/her)

‘I really enjoy hearing from other Makers because I’m often surprised and reassured to hear that other people also face the same challenges I struggle through. It helps me feel like I’m not alone, especially as a solo business owner.’

Founder of Flavour Pop

Testimonial of a founding member

Marcela Fuenzaliza (she/her)

‘The Village has been a great support to me as an entrepreneur. It is a group of women led by Sherona and Gloria, who, with their business knowledge, help, support and guide those of us who are just starting out in the world of small businesses. I am very happy to be part of the Village and I invite you to join this wonderful network of support and empowerment.’

Founder of Nice Surprise Breakfast

Humble Sampler Village

Some of the benefits from being a member of the Village, include:

✔️  saving time and energy by being able to ask the right people for advice, rather than googling for hours,

✔️  connection to an amazing group of food makers, who're at a similar stage of their business and who are from a diverse  range of backgrounds and experiences,

✔️  reducing the stress of the unknown of starting and growing a successful food business, and

✔️  increasing your confidence - you’ve got this!

Best of all, you have a group of people cheering you on and holding you to account. You may not have a work team, but you’ll certainly have a Village wanting to support and be there for you, in both the good and the bad of running a business.