Why We Exist

We’re partnering with small-scale food makers to see them thrive!

All of our work seeks to address the barriers that stop people from getting into the food industry. These barriers exist at many levels of the food-business ecosystem.

why we exist

We’re working with individuals 

to provide food makers with high-quality training, coaching, mentoring and community so people can access the support they need to start and grow a sustainable and successful food business. 

We’re working with the community

to shift perceptions and increase customer demand for and awareness of Australia’s amazing variety of food makers and products.

We’re working with institutions

to advocate and amplify food maker voices. Together we can reduce structural impediments for budding food entrepreneurs to start or grow their food businesses no matter their background.

We have a vision of an equitable, rich and diverse food maker scene in Australia, where all food makers can thrive.

We have a particular focus on working with people under-represented in the food industry - food makers impacted by gender, racial, social and economic inequality. We provide a safe space for food entrepreneurs to gain confidence, increase sales, and expand their knowledge and networks.

We use an equity lens to level the playing field so that everyone can access the opportunities available to them.

A group of diverse women standing in front of a light green wall. Their arms are around one another and they are smiling.
An older lady stands behind a bench in a kitchen smiling at the camera. She is wearing a yellow apron.

Why We Exist

How we work


The Village

A learning and sharing community and business incubator-in-the-making for small-scale food entrepreneurs from all backgrounds to build industry connections, network, and gain business support, with accessible pricing and scholarships available. 


Hampers & Discovery boxes

Featuring delicious products from talented, local, artisanal food makers. Some are just starting out, and some are more established businesses, but ALL of them are making delicious goodies to share with the world!


Advisory service

Increasing partnerships between our food makers, regulators and policymakers to remove barriers and increase access to affordable and reliable kitchen spaces and market opportunities, thus generating an ecosystem of economic empowerment and local economic activity. 

Why we exist

Our Values

Nourishment and joy

Inclusive community

Curiosity to grow

Courageous leadership

Conscientious approach

Humble Sampler is a Social Enterprise  —  revenue generated from our income-generating activities goes towards working with food makers, as well as advocating for a more equitable and diverse food scene in Australia. 

We seek to empower people by providing a dignified, professional and connected space where food makers can feel welcome and work towards their aspirations, no matter their background.

Four women stand close to the camera with colourful confetti sprinkling down on them. Their faces are beaming and looking up to the blue sky.

Whether you are a food maker, food lover, food regulator or food provider, join us in making a change!